Climate Adaptation Center events focus on Florida's climate challenges

Our events provide unique opportunities to bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and public sector understanding of Florida’s changing climate. Building on the success of the 2019 Climate Summit, the CAC will host a variety of in-person and virtual events going forward.

The cornerstone of our events program is the annual Florida Climate Conference, featuring a projection of the climate challenges Florida is likely to face in the future. CAC events are very popular — don’t miss the next one!

Upcoming Events

The Climate Adaptation Center is planning three major events for 2024! Following two successful events, the Climate Champion Awards and Hurricane Day, next on the list is our biggest event, the Annual Florida Climate Conference.

Annual Florida Climate Conference

The theme of the 2024 CAC Florida Climate Conference will be Climate and Human Health. This year’s edition of this popular event will be held November 14-15, 2024, in the brand new conference facility at the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee campus. Mark your calendar!