Our Mission

The Climate Adaptation Center, Inc. (CAC) is an independent, non-profit organization headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. CAC is bridging the gap between state of the art scientific research and public sector understanding of our changing climate. Founded in 2019 by Bob Bunting, Chairman and CEO, CAC is led by a team of climate scientists, executives and entrepreneurs.

The scope of the climate challenges faced by Florida and the rest of the world are highlighted in this keystone article and this interview with Bob Bunting on the eve of CAC’s website launch on October 30, 2020.

Our hope is to stimulate the creation of adaptation strategies and actions to protect the Florida way of life in a time of global climate change – Bob Bunting, CEO, Climate Adaptation Center

While international solutions to the global climate problem evolve in the coming decades, we are focused on the immediate need to address Florida’s present and future climate warming issues. Foremost among these are sea level rise, hazards to human health, red tide, changing hurricanes, and threats to the natural environment.

Our mission is to build CAC into a focal point connecting the scientific community, the public sector and private enterprise to apply climate science to solving Florida’s unique challenges, while engaging Florida businesses in developing cost-effective adaptation strategies for Florida.

The images of Florida’s iconic Ponce de León Inlet lighthouse symbolize the goals of the Climate Adaptation Center: to warn of climate hazards and to help navigate the best course of action.

Our Team
lighthouse in the dark