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The Climate Adaptation Center Inc. (CAC) is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in 2019 by Bob Bunting, Chairman and CEO. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and led by a team of climate scientists, executives and entrepreneurs, CAC is bridging the gap between state of the art scientific research and public sector understanding of our changing climate. Our mission is to build CAC into a nexus facilitating interaction between government, the scientific community and the private sector to stimulate creation of the adaptation strategies and actions necessary to protect the Florida way of life in a time of global climate change.

While international solutions to the global climate problem slowly evolve, we are focused on the immediate need to address Florida’s present and future climate warming challenges. Foremost among these are sea level rise, hazards to human health, red tide, changing hurricanes, and threats to the natural environment.

CAC bridges the gap between in-depth scientific research and public sector understanding of the climate problem. CAC brings together the scientific community, the public sector and private enterprise to apply climate science to solving Florida’s unique challenges, while engaging Florida businesses in developing cost-effective Florida-focused adaptation strategies.

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Articles, Interviews and Appearances:

Sarasota’s Climate Adaptation Center predicts an extremely active 2024 hurricane season
04/06/2024  Herald-Tribune

24 named storms forecast for a high-activity hurricane season
04/05/2024  Observer

Scientists give their 2024 hurricane season predictions at USF
04/04/2024  ABC 7

Climate Adaptation Center Predicts 24 Named Storms, 12 Hurricanes and Six Major Hurricanes for 2024
04/04/2024  Sarasota Magazine

Details in short supply for new Sarasota Performing Arts Center
3/30/2024  Observer

What Can We Expect From This Year’s Hurricane Season?
3/25/2024  Sarasota Magazine

Climate Adaption Center honors five nominees with Beacon Awards
02/18/2024  Observer

What the warming global average temperature means for La Niña and hurricane season
02/13/2024  WUSF Public Media

The Triple Threat of Water, and What To Do About It
02/08/2024 Sarasota Institute for Lifelong Learning, Sarasota, Venice and Lakewood Ranch

A salute for Southwest Florida’s ‘Climate Champions’ 
02/04/2024 Herald-Tribune

Climate Adaptation Center Announces 2024 Climate Champion Nominees
01/12/2024  Sarasota Magazine

A Sarasota climate scientist breaks down COP 28 and tells us how the talks affect Floridians
12/15/2023  WUSF Public Media

Why we need more nuclear power
12/14/2023  Yahoo Finance

Van Wezel committee finalizes details for study of building’s condition
12/3/2023  Sarasota Observer

Speech to the Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay

Speech to the Tiger Bay Club
10/3/2023 WUSF Public Media

Hurricane Lee Is a Harbinger of Storms to Come
9/8/2023  Sarasota Magazine

Hurricane Expert: The tropical “I’s” have it earlier and earlier
8/31/2023  WUSF Public Media

Hurricane Idalia is Rapidly Intensifying
8/29/2023   Sarasota Magazine

Tropical Storm Idalia Will Soon Become Hurricane Idalia
8/28/2023   Sarasota Magazine

Tropical Storm Idalia Has Formed in the Caribbean
8/27/2023  Sarasota Magazine

Peak Hurricane Season Is About to Begin
8/18/2023  Sarasota Magazine

How the Maui Fire Became So Devastating – A Discussion with Bob Bunting
8/10/2023  Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

City names committee members to explore options for Van Wezel
7/20/2023 Observer

Sarasota City Commission appoints panel to consider alternative plans for Van Wezel hall
7/19/2023 Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sahara Dust, Bob Bunting, Florida at Risk
7/16/2023 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

Climate change is here; we can’t deny it
7/16/2023 Herald-Tribune

Palm Beach County climate conversations seek input from residents
7/10/2023 WPTV West Palm Beach

Red Tide Long Term Forecast 
6/15/2023 SNN News

Florida GOP embracing the need for clean energy
5/31/2023  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Climate change poised to be key issue in 2024 election
5/31/2023  WPTV West Palm Beach

El Niño and the upcoming hurricane season
5/23/2023 Suncoast News Network

Longboat gears up for hurricane season with tips from local meteorologist
5/20/2023 Observer

What Does El Niño Mean for Sarasota?
5/19/2023  Sarasota Magazine

Scientists say sargassum belt could still hit Sarasota area
5/9/2023  Observer

Could the Catastrophic Flooding in Fort Lauderdale Happen in Sarasota?
4/27/2023 Sarasota Magazine

The Great Atlantic Sargassum
4/24/2023 Suncoast News Network

Environmental leaders honored at inaugural climate awards
4/20/2023 Observer

Climate Adaptation Center Award Show
4/18/2023 Suncoast News Network

 2023 Hurricane Season predicted to bring 14 named storms  4/10/2023 Observer

Climate Champions celebrate those improving Suncoast environment
3/25/2023  Suncoast News Network

These Folks Are Turning The TIde On How Climate Change Impacts Our Area
3/20/2023  Sarasota Magazine

Forecaster Sees More Sea Level Rise
2/13/2023  Sarasota Herald-Tribune/USA Today Network

Sarasota Climate Conference Emphasizes Opportunities in a Growing Crisis
2/13/2023  Sarasota Magazine

Seidman Says: Recasting climate change from existential threat to economic opportunity
2/10/2023  Herald-Tribune

Florida Climate Conference
2/10/2023 WWSB, ABC

World-Famous Paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara Will Speak at Sarasota Climate Conference
2/9/2023  Sarasota Magazine

USF Sarasota-Manatee hosts annual climate conference
2/9/2023 Sarasota News Network

How Sarasota’s Climate Adaptation Center will address climate change and its future impacts
2/2/2023 WUSF Public Media

Hurricane Season in Florida
11/30/2022 CGTN

Hurricane Ian: Lessons Learned
10/14/2022 Atwell Media

Local expert praises climate provisions in inflation reduction act
09/25/2022 SNN

Atlantic coast experiencing quiet hurricane season
09/12/2022 CGTN

The recent Supreme Court ruling about EPA’s authority is about the separation of powers, not whether utilities should burn coal
07/15/2022 The Invading Sea

Longboat study aims to prepare town for rising tides
06/24/2022 YourObserver

Rapidly developing technology may enable us to extract carbon from the atmosphere and save the planet
06/08/2022 The Invading Sea

Annual disaster prep seminar readies residents for an active hurricane season
06/07/2022 YourObserver

Here’s What to Expect from the Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico Right Now
06/03/2022 Sarasota Magazine

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season
05/31/2022 Sarasota Magazine

With storms ahead, now is the time for Southwest Florida to address climate challenges
05/13/2022 The Invading Sea

Let’s make progress on local climate issues
05/11/2022 Herald-Tribune

Climate Adaptation Center Hires Amy Grossman as COO
05/04/2022 Sarasota Magazine

Extreme weather: What’s to come this hurricane season?
05/03/2022 CGTN

Climate change incentives could get Floridians greener quickly
04/21/2022 Suncoast News Network

Climate Adaptation Center reacts to IPCC report
04/19/2022 Suncoast News Network

Hurricane Forecast Predicts 22 Named Storms—Including Five Major Hurricanes
04/18/2022 Sarasota Magazine

Sarasota researcher predicts 22 named storms, 5 major hurricanes in 2022
04/15/2022 Tampa Bay Times

Florida researcher predicts 22 named storms, 5 major hurricanes in 2022
04/15/2022 The Derrick.

AccuWeather forecasts 7th straight above-average hurricane season in 2022
04/06/2022 Tampa Bay Times

More predictions for busy storm season, radar still out
02/05/2022 Cayman News Service

Get Ready for an Active Hurricane Season
04/15/2021 Sarasota Magazine

Climate Call to Action: Rising Sea Level, Hurricanes, Red Tide
09/17/2020 Virtual Event hosted by Margaret Good for Congress

“A forecaster’s nightmare”: why Laura’s rapid intensification worries scientists / David Adams
08/29/2020 Univision News

Twin Storms Head Into the Gulf of Mexico
08/24/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Tropical Storm Laura Threatens Florida
08/21/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Peak Florida Hurricane Season Is Here
08/13/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Climate Disruptions Are Impacting Human Health
07/16/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Sahara Desert Dust Is Heading Our Way
06/24/2020 Sarasota Magazine

The CEO of Sarasota’s Climate Adaptation Center on Science and Hope in a Hotter World
06/18/2020 Sarasota Magazine

Adapting to a Changing Climate: Global to Local Impact
Climate Summit Conference University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Organized and led by Bob Bunting
01/25/2019 CAC Video (more here)

Is Climate Warming Creating More Dangerous Hurricanes?

12/21/2018 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

Hurricane Lee Is a Harbinger of Storms to Come

09/08/2023 Sarasota Magazine

It’s Hot and Getting Hotter – The Case for Adaptive Strategies for a Warming Planet
08/29/2018 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

How Cuba Saved Florida From a Category 5 Hurricane
07/01/2018 Sarasota Magazine

Key West
11/21/2017 Cumberland Advisors: Market Commentary

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