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The Climate Adaptation Center is a focal point for understanding Florida’s evolving climate. We explore synergies among science, business and government to help individuals and businesses to adapt and thrive in a dynamic climate.

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CAC is an independent, non-profit organization focused on the unique and evolving challenges arising from Florida’s changing climate. Your support helps CAC explore the intersection of scientific research, business innovation and government resources to help communities recognize and adapt to the changing climate, and to help businesses thrive in the emerging climate economy. We promise to put your contribution to immediate, effective use.

 You Can Make A Difference    

 You Can Make A Difference    

 You Can Make A Difference    

 You Can Make A Difference    

 You Can Make A Difference    

 You Can Make A Difference    

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CAC is focused on connecting state and local governments, the scientific community, and businesses to ensure the safety, prosperity and resilience of Florida communities in the face of climate challenges today and in the future. CAC’s goal is to integrate climate science with business strategy and government policy to identify new opportunities and future risks created by the changing climate.

Through conferences, seminars and outreach, CAC creates opportunities to make the connections that will spark new and innovative solutions to Florida’s climate challenges. Get involved with the CAC and help ensure Florida’s future.


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Upcoming Events

The world’s warming climate is reshaping societies and threatening the global economy as we know it. CAC brings a Florida focus to global climate issues with our exciting series of conferences, seminars and briefings. Our events are squarely focused on the climate issues facing Florida today, including changing hurricanes, threats to our diverse ecosystems, and rising sea levels.

CAC events bring together experts from science, engineering, business and government in an interactive setting to help you understand what’s happening with Florida’s climate, what the future may hold, and what we can do about it.

The CAC is planning three major events for 2024! Go to our Upcoming Events page to learn more about the events and how you can attend. Update your calendar!

  • Our first event was the 2nd Climate Champions Awards, held February 15th, 2024.
  • Hurricane Day, held April 4th, unveiled our 2024 Hurricane Season Forecast
  • The 2024 CAC Annual Florida Climate Conference – Climate and Human Health. Thursday and Friday, November 14-15, at the new University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee conference facility.

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