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It’s only mid May, but temperatures are already feeling more like the heart of summer.

According to Brian McNoldy, Senior Research Associate at the University of Miami, the head index hit an incredible 112º F at 3pm today.

McNoldy says this breaks the previous daily record by 11°F and the monthly record by 6°F.

Unbelievably, it’s tied for the 3rd-highest heat index ever recorded in Miami. All of the others occurred from July to August.

The top five hottest heat indexes in Miami are:

  • 114° – Aug 9, 2023 113°
  • Aug 8, 2023 112°
  • Jul 3, 2021 112°
  • May 18, 2024 111°
  • Jul 22, 2023

The heat index never surpassed 110° outside of July 3 -September 3 before today.

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