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Tropical Storm Elsa is slowing as it moves toward Cuba


(This article was first published in Sarasota Magazine, July 4, 2021)


Tropical Storm Elsa continues to look impressive, as you can see on this GOES satellite image, below, captured at around noon on July 4. The red areas are cloud tops with temperatures of -70° C, indicating very active thunderstorms around the center rotation.  The pressure in the storm is relatively high, at 1,007 MB.  The storm is slowing down, as I indicated it would in the last update on July 2, and winds have dropped to just below hurricane strength as the system interacts with land.

Elsa - GOES image

GOES-East satellite image    Credit: NOAA

Wind shear is low now, and the waters are warm.  I expect the storm to regain hurricane force as it approaches the south Cuba coastline later today. The National Hurricane Center is predicting slightly below hurricane force.

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